Wesak Parfume Oil

Amazing, new, 100% natural, perfumed multi-purpose beauty oil.

An infused Green Aventurine and a blend of precious vegetable and essential oils have been combined in a unique concept with vibrating, moisturizing and energizing properties.


The blend of apricot, macadamia and argan oils, enriched with anti-oxidant, polyphenol and vitamin E active ingredients, is adorned here with the natural scents of neroli, rosewood, tuberose and white flowers.

Apply on your skin or hair with healing, gemstone roll-on.

Benefits of green aventurine:

Color of balance, regeneration and harmonization, the green of Aventurine invites to motivation, perseverance and audacity to move forward.  Stone of comfort and support, it soothes anxieties and promotes empathy and compassion. It brings inner reflection, joy and openness to the world. It is suitable for states of uncertainty, questioning, doubts, which it helps to clarify.

It is one of the stones linked to the 4th chakra, the heart chakra located in the center of the chest on the sternum.


50 ml.


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