La Bonne Brosse
no: 1 Ink Blue

A brand new hairbrush sensation from Paris!

This hand made hairbrush with 100 % boar bristles is suitable for all hair types.


Boar bristle brush gives your hair care and shine and nourishes your hair naturally. Its keratin-rich boar bristles draw sebum from your hair and distribute it throughout its length. Hydrated from roots to ends, your hair fiber shines durably.

By using this boar bristle brush daily, your hair and scalp are rid of impurities and you reduce the frequency of your shampoos by half.

To make the most of the benefits of its boar bristles, we recommend using this hairbrush on dry hair.


Handle: Biodegradable cellulose acetate by the last acetate manufacturer in France. It is composed of 70% vegetable fibers.

Boar Bristle: 100 % natural organic fibers. Origin: Southeast Asia


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