Embroidered Sagittarius horoscope brooch

Embroidered Macon & Lesquoy brooch.

Bead, gold and silver thread embroideries have developed from the 17th century in Asia and Europe.

It is a very ancient know-how in Pakistan, where the craftspeople are highly qualified. Under the rule of the British Empire, the grandfather of Macon&Lesquoy’s foreman actually embroidered the English military uniforms. Passed from father to son, the business is now managed by Muhammad, with whom Macon&Lesquoy decided to implement their own workshop, so as to benefit from their outstanding skills. Sixty embroiders work there exclusively, full time, under social and safety conditions imposed, enforced and regularly monitored by the two designers.

The Cannetilla technique requires a special metal thread to be very finely wound in a spiral, cut at the desired length, and then embroidered like beads. This Cannetilla, or bullion thread, is made in Pakistan, where the metal industry is still flourishing.


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